The Synopsis –

Glaciers is the story of a young married couple who have recently survived ovarian cancer. We follow the couple as they struggle to define their relationship after such a life-altering event.

Although they have managed to come out on the other side, it has not been unscathed. They are not the same people they were before the diagnosis and everything feels different now.

Michael always thought that he would be father, but now even if they could have children of their own he is unsure whether he would be able to support them with the crushing weight of never ending medical bills.

Gretchen feels struggles with her new label as a “survivor”, challenged to grasp her lost identity and to connect with a body she no longer identifies as her own.

Will they be able to navigate their new reality as a united front, or, like the once prominent glaciers, will their bond slowly dissolve in the light of their new environment?

The Trailer

The Actors

Levon Rector
Alice Winslow
Toby Ricketts

The Author

Glaciers was one of the first stories I wrote for what became the collection, Nothing but the Dead and Dying. Even now, more than eight years after writing that first draft, it remains one of my favorite things I’ve written. The story truly represents the collection and the themes I am most concerned with in my writing, primarily how people manage to deal with and (sometimes) overcome all the struggles that life brings. Having this story brought to life in a new medium is exciting, to see the characters whose pain feels very real to me come to life will certainly be an unforgettable experience for me and I hope all who see the film as well.

The Team


Alexandra Craft

Story By 

Ryan W. Bradley


Siedah Stewart

Doug Wirth

Executive Producers

Karen Casanovas

Joanne Schust

Paula Harrison

Dirk Craft

Associate Producers

Mark Woods

red bradley

Howard Nugent

Screenplay By

Alexandra Craft

John F. MacDonald


Nicholas Bradford

Unit Production Manager

Assistant Director

Set Decorator

1st Assistant Camera 

1st Assistant Camera 

Set Photographer


Key Grip


Production Sound

Hair and Makeup Artist

Digital Imaging Technician

Script Supervisor


Assistant Editors


Sound Designer


Graphic Designer

Copy Editor

Karli Holdren

Alegra Givens

Alexa Tuttle

Farrah Su

Riani Singgih

John F. MacDonald

Eric Vera

Christian Cowell

Strack Azar

Matt Garcia

Emily Jacobson

Anthony Deng

Sarah Levin

Julie Condell

Nicholas Bradford

Charles B. Rowell II

Nicholas Bradford

Charles B. Rowell II

Alexander Shesha

Heather Wilson

Allison Brock

Special Thanks To

Erika Barnes

Richard Person

Lillian Person

Aimee Chauvot

Molly Just

Sheena MacSween

Chris Oxley

Donald Macsween

Mindy Jurik

Kathy Onstead

Karen Casanovas

Red Bradley

Anthony Deng

Marcy A Martin

Maria Victoria Cortina

Sharon Hall

Aunna Wilson

Lauren Bachman

Daniel Stewart

Rosario DiBella

 Frank DiBella

David Rodwin

Margery Wagner

Marla Berg

Matthew Person

Katy Brown

Steven Chayer

Shelley Hughes

Jenney Yousey

Michelle Snow

Ross Wilson

Howard Nugent

Dirk Craft II

Susan Hupka

Chrisina Veltkamp

Matt Kosht

Judy Eledge

Mead Treadwell

Penny Beiler

Colleen Starring

Kristi Barber

Tristan James Walsh

Jo Marjoribanks

Michael Zoske

Heather Wilson

Cory Baker

Bill McClain

 Louise McClain

Amber Stephens

Mark Stephens

Tom Flookes

Dawn Flookes

Vivian Huai

Christopher Schafer

Debra Wilson

Amber Mitchell

Victoria Melekian

Kim McClain

Irene Meadows

Michelle LeKites

David Abrams

André Koehrer

Moira Smith

Chadd Tripp

Emily Tyson

Colette Wilson

Valerie Baty

Dorothy Ghylin-Bennett 

Alex Bennett

Chiloh Baty

John Aronno

Heather Aronno

Dirk Craft

 Paula Harrison

Allison Brock

John MacDonald

Matt Greely

Mark Woods

Lorna MacSween